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Have you ever wanted to know if something you seen on TV ever really worked? So did we! Us LabGeeks are on a mission to truly test whether these products work as advertised...and if it can endure some of our own lab experiments as we see fit.

Coffee, Redbull, Diet Pills...Now Energy Spray???

By LabGeeks


With the plethora of new energy drinks on the market including energy shots and pills I stumbled upon a new form that I never seen; spray form. I happen to see this Energy spray at a local Hollywood Video rental place while standing in line (I guess so you will not fall asleep while watch the boring movie you just rented). The product we are going to test today is the “80 Hour Energy Spray” made by Kickers. Apparently, the product has also been advertised on the popular As Seen On TV infomercial but I have yet to see one (also searched the As Seen On TV website but couldn’t find it). Either way, the product at the movie stand cost several bucks while on the website it is going for $5.95 (which I believe is just the shipping cost because it states a limit of 1 per household). Or there is an online offer of 3 bottles for $14.95 with free S&H.

There are several tests that we would like to perform. First, we test the product on three people by simply taking the product as directed (5 sprays under the tongue, wait 30 seconds, and then swallow). We ask the subjects, including ourselves, whether or not we felt any increase in alertness and performance. Next, we will use multiple doses to see if we can really get a boost from the product. For example, 3 doses = 15 sprays.

Test 1: Tested the product on myself and a co-worker with 1 dose each. Both of use work the graveyard shift and drink at least 3 cups of coffee a night.

Conclusion: I *think I felt the product kick in several minutes after taking it. It didn’t taste too bad, kind of like biting into an orange peel. There were no jitters and no crashing after several hours like some of the diet/energy pills I sometimes take to stay awake. My co-worker also felt the same thing but we couldn’t discern whether or not it was from all the coffee + the spray or simply the spray itself.

Test 2: I took 3 doses equivalent to 15 sprays two days after the first initial test.

Conclusion: Same as above but no major energy burst like when you take an energy pill. Wasn’t really sure if it was working but I didn’t get tired. Does that count?

Test 3: Asked my fiancé to try 1 dose of the product because she will become jittery if she drinks two Redbulls. One dose should be plenty enough for her and might provide a better means of testing the product.

Conclusion: After just one spray she refused to take more because of the horrible taste. Therefore, test 3 was inconclusive.

Does it work?
Not sure, try for yourself.

The product can be purchased online at and I now have seen it being sold at various gas stations. It might also be at

Here is what one Tuber had to say...

Original Unbreakable AUTOLOCK

By LabGeeks

In the summer of 2003 I woke up and got ready for school. As I was ready to leave I noticed that my car was not where I have left it. “WTF! Where is my car?!” I said to myself. I know I parked it right here last night. I walked down the rows of the parking lot in an effort to find my car. Maybe I was drunk the night before and parked my car somewhere else, no luck. I ran inside and asked my roommates where or not they had moved or used my car the night before; they said no. I called my parents because they were the only ones with a spare key; they also said no. I finally came to the conclusion that my 1993 Honda Del Sol was stolen from the parking lot of my apartment complex. Several months later I moved out of that complex and my car was never found.

In 2006 I move back into the apartment complex with one of my roommates being my sister. In the fall of 2007 she woke up, got ready for school, and went to the parking lot to find her car and go to school. Her car was still there but the door was opened. As she looked inside she noticed that the stereo her boyfriend bought her was missing, the hood of the car was popped open, several CDs and a six pack of soda was gone! The Autolock was still in place but you can tell that the would-be thieves tried to remove it because the carpet was moved and the Autolock was shifted at an angle. Either way, we defiantly believe that the Autolock was what prevent these car thieves from steeling the entire car (1995 Honda Civic). Both, my car and my sister’s car did not have alarms, nor do I think it would have really helped. I wished I had the Autolock in 2003. Also, a friend of mine also got his 1995 Honda Del Sol stolen out of his front yard.

Final Thoughts:
With cars being stolen every 20 seconds in the U.S. and with my personal experiences I would highly recommend this product even if you have an alarm system. Even if your car is stolen, the company of Autolock will reimburse you $2,500 if you used the Original Autolock and $5,000 for the Autolock Pro. This is a must if you own a Honda. Currently, I know the original Autolock does NOT support the following vehicles: Audi A4, A6, TT 1997-2003 Ford Contour 1995-2000 Mercury Mystique 1995-2000 Porsche 911, 928, 944, 968 Before 1999 Toyota Tacoma 2000-2003 VW Jetta, Golf/GTI 2000-2003 VW Passat, Beetle 2000-2003 but the Autolock Pro supports these: Audi, Ford, Mercury, Porsche, Toyota, and VW models.

The product we had can be purchased from

for $49.95 or a Buy-It-Now on Ebay for $39.99. This product is also sold at your local auto parts store like AutoZone. The company also sells anti-theft products for your cars, trucks, cycles, and even boats.

Does It Work?


One Touch Jar Opener

By LabGeeks

This month we decided to see if the One Touch Jar Opener really lives up to its standards. We bought ours off of Ebay for a total of approximate $13 which included shipping. The official website sells it for $19.95 + SH.

We simply wanted to see if the opener could pop open several jars that we had in the fridge and possibly buy something from the grocery store to see if it had difficulty opening a new jar. To put it to the ultimate test we squeezed some super glue on one of the jars and let it sit for an hour to see just how strong this jar opener really is.

Materials: One Touch Jar Opener, super glue, and various jar sizes/products; spaghetti, salsa, pickles and jelly. Also, wanted to test it with products that were not jars but still fit the opening of the jar opener; sports drink, water bottle, and Landry detergent.


Jar Opener + Super Glue!

Conclusion: The One Touch Jar Opener works even better than expected. It opened all the jars we had in the fridge. Although, it didn’t open the sports drink or the water bottle (it at least opened the water bottle) it did open the Landry detergent pretty well. We believe it struggled with the sports drink and water bottle because of the condensation that was formed when we took it out of the fridge. How did it hold up against the super glue? Surprisingly it opened it like a champ.

The jar opener works as advertised. This product would be helpful to anyone who has ever struggled to open those pesky jars. In particular, it would be great for those who are suffering from arthritis and for those who are older. We were so intrigued that we couldn’t put it down. Literally, trying to open anything we could around the house...

Does It Work?

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