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Have you ever wanted to know if something you seen on TV ever really worked? So did we! Us LabGeeks are on a mission to truly test whether these products work as advertised...and if it can endure some of our own lab experiments as we see fit.

Coffee, Redbull, Diet Pills...Now Energy Spray???

By LabGeeks


With the plethora of new energy drinks on the market including energy shots and pills I stumbled upon a new form that I never seen; spray form. I happen to see this Energy spray at a local Hollywood Video rental place while standing in line (I guess so you will not fall asleep while watch the boring movie you just rented). The product we are going to test today is the “80 Hour Energy Spray” made by Kickers. Apparently, the product has also been advertised on the popular As Seen On TV infomercial but I have yet to see one (also searched the As Seen On TV website but couldn’t find it). Either way, the product at the movie stand cost several bucks while on the website it is going for $5.95 (which I believe is just the shipping cost because it states a limit of 1 per household). Or there is an online offer of 3 bottles for $14.95 with free S&H.

There are several tests that we would like to perform. First, we test the product on three people by simply taking the product as directed (5 sprays under the tongue, wait 30 seconds, and then swallow). We ask the subjects, including ourselves, whether or not we felt any increase in alertness and performance. Next, we will use multiple doses to see if we can really get a boost from the product. For example, 3 doses = 15 sprays.

Test 1: Tested the product on myself and a co-worker with 1 dose each. Both of use work the graveyard shift and drink at least 3 cups of coffee a night.

Conclusion: I *think I felt the product kick in several minutes after taking it. It didn’t taste too bad, kind of like biting into an orange peel. There were no jitters and no crashing after several hours like some of the diet/energy pills I sometimes take to stay awake. My co-worker also felt the same thing but we couldn’t discern whether or not it was from all the coffee + the spray or simply the spray itself.

Test 2: I took 3 doses equivalent to 15 sprays two days after the first initial test.

Conclusion: Same as above but no major energy burst like when you take an energy pill. Wasn’t really sure if it was working but I didn’t get tired. Does that count?

Test 3: Asked my fiancé to try 1 dose of the product because she will become jittery if she drinks two Redbulls. One dose should be plenty enough for her and might provide a better means of testing the product.

Conclusion: After just one spray she refused to take more because of the horrible taste. Therefore, test 3 was inconclusive.

Does it work?
Not sure, try for yourself.

The product can be purchased online at and I now have seen it being sold at various gas stations. It might also be at

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